WIEBELHAUS: I’m impressed by that student’s fancy car

Devin Wiebelhaus | The DailyER

Did you see that BMW Z4 cruising down 16th Street just a few minutes ago? That thing must have a 35i engine in it, judging by how powerful it sounded. That dark blue paint job almost brought me to tears with its mysteriously strong vibe. It was beautiful. And the person driving it must have been my age or younger!

When I noticed the parking permit sticker in the corner of the windshield, I realized that its owner was, in fact, a fellow student! I’m honestly floored that a fellow university pupil would be able to afford both an outstanding college education and such a nice automobile.

Whenever I see a high-end car driving through campus, whether it be a Lexus LC, a Mercedes-Benz or anything that’s shiny and new, I get shivers down my spine. My admiration for the vehicle only increases when I see that its driver is a fellow UNL student! I always end up wondering what kind of job that fellow student must have that allows them enough time to manage classwork while also paying them enough to be able to afford a nice ride.

I find it admirable that despite these young people obviously getting paid enough to live comfortably without a college education, they still choose to better themselves and gain more knowledge and global perspective by attending a university. And if it’s not their high-paying jobs, then their parents must have taught them how to manage their money really intelligently.