Woah: Calvin’s parents gave him a Nintendo DS just because his dad doesn’t live with his mom

By: Andre, Age 9

Something really weird but awesome happened to Calvin last week. Just because his parents don’t live with each other anymore, they gave him a Nintendo DS for free.

After Sunday, when Calvin’s mom told Calvin’s dad to “get lost,” she told Calvin and his sister Kathy that “everything would be better” and gave them both whatever they wanted. Then, on Monday, Calvin came to class with his DS and showed everyone how sick the graphics were.   

“Man, he’s super lucky,” Andy said. “My parents are making me save all of my chore allowances so I can buy one. But his parents gave him one, and even ‘Pokémon: Diamond!’ Wow.”

Lots of kids in class were super jealous that all it took was for his parents to live in different places for him to get a DS.

“Man, that’s all it took for him?” Becky said. “My parents aren’t living with each other anymore, and they only told me that things wouldn’t be different and that mommy and daddy still love me. But I wanted a puppy!”

Some kids are thinking of making their moms and dads live in different houses so that they can have DSs like Calvin.

“I bet I could get a DS – heck, maybe even a PS4 – if my parents divorced,” said the smartest kid in the class, Nelson. “My parents are way nicer than Calvin’s. His mom is scary.”

Until anything happens,  Calvin’s playing “The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker” on his DS.

“Dude, this game is awesome, I’m so glad that Mom got this for me,” Calvin said. “Still, I’m, like, totally living with dad soon.”