April 2016

Psychologist deeply concerned over Husker “N”

“Egad!” shouted Dr. Benedict Royce Monday morning as he spotted the 300th symbol on a street banner. “What horrible repetition, such disturbing imagery – I should have arrived here sooner.” The environment of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln “deeply troubled” Royce, a world-renowned psychologist who specializes in analyzing disorders such as obsessive school spirit and university […] Read more

CNN uses high-tech 3D model to explain concept of good journalism

In an effort to further embrace superfluous technological fluff, CNN recently unveiled its new “360 Journalism Now” holographic imagery to demonstrate the hypothetical concept of what is commonly known as good journalism. Standing in front of the large holographic stage, a torpid and almost lifeless Wolf Blitzer demonstrated the simulation as it began. “We have […] Read more