November 2017

Student offered $670 million book deal after publishing first Odyssey Online article

Demonstrating considerable faith in novice writer and college sophomore Kaitlyn Evans, publishing company Simon & Schuster offered Evans a $670 million book deal after Evans debuted her first Odyssey Online article on Monday. Evans’ article, titled “An Open Letter to my Brother’s Girlfriend’s Sister’s Boyfriend,” first hit the Web early Monday morning on popular blogging […] Read more

Terence Crawford to defend world boxing title at Alpha Chi Omega’s “Fight Night”

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is about to land a huge event for the entire student body to enjoy. Omaha-native boxer Terence Crawford announced on Monday that he will be defending his light-welterweight world boxing title at sorority Alpha Chi Omega’s next edition of “Fight Night.” Alpha Chi Omega’s “Fight Night” first gained attention on social media […] Read more

Nebraska Department of Roads to replace all “yield” signs with “eh, just go for it” signs

In the coming months, motorists on Nebraska roads and highways can look to adjust to more than just road closures. The Nebraska Department of Roads announced last Tuesday that a special project will begin in the coming months to replace all “yield” signs with “eh, just go for it” signs. Transportation Director Kyle Schneweis said at […] Read more