Aaron Rodgers Swears Collar Bone Supposed To Look Like That

The Green Bay Packers took on the Atlanta Falcons last Sunday without Aaron Rodgers. It has marked the sixth consecutive week that Green Bay’s star quarterback has been out with an injury.

Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone against the Chicago Bears on November 5, and although he is not cleared by doctors to play, he claims it “healed just fine.”

“I feel great. My collarbone feels great,” Rodgers said while pulling down his shirt collar to show the maimed area.

“See, it’s even more flexible now.” Rodgers began moving the two splintered sections of bone around with his fingers and set it back in place.

Medical professionals do not advise moving the broken bones while they are trying to set, but the star quarterback is convinced that the bone is totally healed.

Aaron Rodgers released a statement during practice last week saying he would not return to the field unless he was 100% because he has total faith in his backup quarterback.

“I know, uh, what’s-his-face can do a good job in my absence. He’s been on a losing streak, sure, but he can surely turn it around,” Rodgers said. “I am totally healthy and ready to play though.”

Feeling like he needed to prove how ready to play he was, Rodgers picked up a football and shouted at wide receiver James Jones to “go long.” Jones begrudgingly obliged after mentioning his apprehensions that Rodgers might re-injure himself.

Rodgers called him a pussy and let Jones get 40 yards downfield before hurling the football. After Jones caught the pass, Rodgers turned to the reporters and said, “See? I got this,” as tears streamed down his face.