The DailyER (formerly known as The DailyER Nebraskan) is a humorous and dynamic news outlet located on the campus of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.  The DailyER is meant to be a satirical, and at times radical, news zine that presents material in a false or comical light. During its tenure, The DailyER has hosted numerous political debates, local concerts, and lampooned every facet of life in Nebraska.

Its sister publication, Seeds Entertainment features reviews spanning contemporary media and interviews with prominent artists and celebrities. Seeds has represented the city of Lincoln at Omaha’s Maha Fest, KC’s Kanrocksas, Austin City Limits, Bonnaroo in Tennessee, 80/35 in Des Moines, Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival & Sasquatch! in Washington.

Printed bi-weekly, The DailyER & Seeds reaches students in their residence and dining halls, recreation areas, and their academic buildings. Our readership has also expanded through our distribution sites in downtown Lincoln and Omaha, and nationwide via our online presence.

We hope you enjoy.

Yours in satire,
The DailyER

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