Black Joe Lewis a Worthwhile Wednesday Outing

“Oh my goodness. Oh my gosh! That was so great. I had so much fun! I haven’t danced like that in a long time.”

Those phrases were basically all I kept saying after Black Joe Lewis’s performance at The Bourbon on Wednesday night.

I, like everyone at the show, had a blast. The Bourbon drew in, yet again, an impressive amount of people into the venue despite the show being in the middle of the week.

Lincoln is one of those places that bands like Black Joe Lewis stop at on a Wednesday. But Lincoln is also a place full of people that recognize a good show when they see one and are willing to go out on an atypical day to make it to the show.

Who says one can’t go out and have a little fun on a Wednesday night? The Bourbon is one of the few places to really come through for music-loving Lincolnites in that regard. And the Black Joe Lewis performance was the perfect break away from a busy work or school week and a definite stress-reliever at that. Here’s what I mean by that:

After arriving late and alone, in my inevitable fashion, I stood near the stage, off to the side. It didn’t take long to get over that initial hump of acclimating to the environment: The music possessed my body and deteriorated any self-consciousness.

Black Joe Lewis’s music consists of drums, one guitar, one bass, and multiple horn instruments played by three individuals–as well as the occasional keyboard and cowbell played also by the multi-talented brass players.

The instruments, the way the boys played the instruments, and their clear, pleasant, cohesive chemistry made for the perfect storm of a band, a performance, and an experience for any audience member.

I had to take my shoes off, you guys. I was feeling too constrained! The music begged the audience: “Let loose. Join the fun.” Or as one of the most fantastic songs they played is titled, “Come to My Party” (See music video below). The show was a party, and everyone was invited.

Bit by bit, my body went from casual swaying to full-on DANCING. I’m talking legs, hips, arms, feet, moving-around, trying-not-to-bump-into-anyone, I-don’t-care dancing. Like I said, I haven’t danced like that in a long time.

It takes a lot for a band to make a white girl move like I moved. It was the band’s rock music infused with funk, soul, drum beats and upbeat brass that makes people [white people?] really break out of their cage, forget to care who’s watching, and move, damn it.

Sorry to rub in how much fun this show was if you missed it, but I write this to encourage you to get to Black Joe Lewis’s next show and to purchase their music, too.

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