Following a comprehensive investigation, Omaha-area dad Jeff Wilcox announced Monday that he has found the TV remote control which went missing nearly two weeks ago.

“The darn thing was in between the couch cushions the whole time!” Wilcox proclaimed to his wife and children over dinner. “I swear, I must have looked in there five times, and then one day it just appears out of nowhere.”

The discovery of the remote brought an end to a difficult period for Wilcox, in which he had to stand up and press the buttons on his cable box to switch between college football, the World Series and presidential election coverage.

“I don’t understand why those clowns at Time Warner Cable put the best channels so far apart,” he said, recollecting the 41 clicks required to navigate between ESPN and Fox Sports. “Everyone knows there’s only about 10 channels worth watching anyway.”

Wilcox’s family supported him during his search for the remote, but they said he ignored their repeated suggestions to buy a new one at Best Buy or Walmart.

“I kept telling Dad he could get a universal remote for like 10 bucks,” said Wilcox’s 14-year-old son, Brandon.

“I’ve seen those third-party, off-brand remotes, and I don’t like them,” Wilcox insisted. “The buttons are all in different spots, and it probably wouldn’t even connect to our Blu-Ray player.”

“Besides, if I bought a new one and then found the old one, we’d have two remotes,” he added. “I heard that using two remotes on your TV can break it, or something.”

While Wilcox is happy he no longer has to spend every evening after work ransacking his living room, the intrepid dad revealed he’s got a new search project up his sleeve.

“I bet if I take apart my entire office, I can find that USB flash drive I lost back in 2008.”