Disney CEO hints that Star Wars could join the Marvel Universe, because why not

In an effort to drum up even more enthusiasm for future Disney projects, Disney CEO Bob Iger hinted at a possible mash-up that should get all fans excited. While already holding the distributing rights to Marvel and Lucasfilm properties, Iger hinted that in the next 10-20 years – when every possible comic book and live-action adaptation of their old cartoons has dried up – there could be a possibility of the Star Wars world somehow merging with the Marvel universe.

When asked what his inspiration was for possibly uniting Star Wars and the Marvel world, his response was nonchalant.

“Why not do it? Do you know how much money I could make by green-lighting this idea? I’ll never have to work for another 100 lifetimes,” Iger ranted rather arrogantly. “If I have the power to make Iron Man fight Kylo Ren or whatever on the big screen, that film will be in theatres longer than Gone With the Wind.”

When asked about possible criticism from creators and fans about the impossibility of combining the series because of their different worlds, languages, laws of physics, iconographies and many other things, Iger again gave an unsympathetic answer.

“Who cares? This is all entertainment. I can combine whatever world with whatever stratosphere because it’s all make-believe,” Iger said while cracking his knuckles. “Listen up, nerds: grow up. The laws of whatever your favorite franchises are do not matter; they were created by other nerds so that guys like me could buy them up and do whatever we want with them.”

The film, referred to as “untitled possible Marvel Star Wars film,” is scheduled to be released around fall 2029, but that could change if Iger is able to get his live-action adaptation of Oliver & Company (1988) into production by at least 2025.