Drunken Tooth Fairy Mistakenly Leaves Extra Teeth Under Pillow

A young child was shocked to find a handful of teeth under his pillow when he woke up last Tuesday morning.

Darius Schrader, age 8, woke up to find eight teeth under his pillow, after leaving only one under it the night before.

“One of my teeth fell out the day before, so I kept it to put under my pillow,” Schrader said. “I was hoping to get a dollar, or at the very least a quarter, but when I woke up there were more teeth.  There were seven more teeth than when I went to bed.”

In addition to the extra teeth under Schrader’s pillow, there were several empty beer and liquor bottles scattered through his room.  His window was smashed, presumably where the Tooth Fairy came in. One of the toilets in the Schrader household was clogged and overflowing when the family woke up in the morning.

Analysis of the teeth left by the Tooth Fairy show that two teeth came from two different adult males.  Two of the teeth came from one canine, a German Shepard.  One tooth was from a dolphin. One tooth was actually a fossilized tooth from a stegosaurus, which is pretty cool.  Strangely, the DNA result from the last tooth is congruent with the Canadian Goose, but Canadian Geese does not have teeth.

At the time of publishing, the Tooth Fairy could not be reached for comment.