Dumbass stung to death by bees probably after their honey

honey bee

Last week, honey fiend Thomas Grigsby was stung to death by a tidal wave of bees after attempting what was most likely a grand honey caper.

Grigsby did not account for the veritable wave of bees who stung him again and again in defense of their golden ambrosia, leaving the 27-year-old man’s body almost unidentifiable.

Only through DNA testing was it able to be identified as Grigsby, whose own father, Jon Grigsby was unable to identify the body.

“He always talked about pulling the biggest honey heist this town has ever seen,” Jon said between tears. “I always thought he was kidding. I assumed he had more sense, given his intense bee allergy, but he did it anyway. That absolute mad man.”

“I hope they have Honey Nut Cheerios up there in heaven,” Jon added.  “And also no bees.”