Fair-weather student spotted leaving halfway through engineering lecture

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is no stranger to fair-weather fans. Fans were often seen leaving Memorial Stadium early in the game this season as the Huskers were getting blown out. But sporting events aren’t the only things at Nebraska where people are exiting early. Reports say Monday morning, junior mechanical engineering major Freddy Scooter was spotted leaving halfway through Professor John Potter’s Engineering Dynamics lecture at Scott Engineering Center.

“I can’t believe Freddy Scooter left during my lecture,” said Professor Potter. “I thought he was one of the most dedicated students in any of my classes. I am just trying my best to give these students the best experience possible. I wish my students would support me, even when lectures get out-of-hand.”

The DailyER was able to catch up with Freddy Scooter after his demonstration. “I’m tired of showing up to lecture and wanting to tear my eyeballs out,” said Scooter. “I’m always frustrated when the lecture is half over. Potter can’t take control of the lecture. I’m paying $10,000 for this when I can just watch the lectures from home on my laptop. Biggest waste of time EVER.”

Many of Scooter’s classmates were shocked about his early departure during Potter’s lecture. “When I saw him stand up next to me and walk out, I was disgusted,” said sophomore Julie Jewels. “How can someone in the engineering school not even support the engineering professors? He’s a disgrace, not only to engineers, but to everyone at UNL. Shame on him.”

UNL officials say that since Potter took attendance at the beginning of class, his streak of three consecutive lectures of full attendance will remain intact, despite Scooter’s early exit. “If Potter keeps up this kind of performance, we may have no other choice than to fire him,” said Chancellor Ronnie Green. “I wonder if Scott Frost would ever consider teaching Dynamics at UNL.”