Fantasy Owner Sticking with Rex Grossman

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III may be the top-producing player in ESPN’s standard-scoring NFL fantasy leagues, but local enthusiast Leroy Watson says he still isn’t convinced of Griffin’s talent.

Watson, a 39 year-old car mechanic, told a lady at the bar who was too polite to walk away that he’s “a huge Chiefs fan” who therefore “knows a good quarterback when he sees one.” Watson added that he feels premature in making a judgement on Griffin, clarifying that he “just doesn’t have a good feeling about this RG3 character so early in the season, you know?”

“That’s why I’m sticking with Rex Grossman. It’s just a better bet,” he told the woman’s barstool after she faked a cellphone call and escaped.

Returning home Sunday night to check his fantasy point totals, Watson confided to his 6 year-old labradoodle Paddington that he feels sorry for Sherri, a member of his league, for “hopping on the RG3 bandwagon so early.”

“I know [Griffin] has produced a few more points than Rex [Grossman] so far,” Watson explained, “but I’m betting my boy will come back and play a few snaps this week. Think how successful the other Rexes in the league are doing right now! It’s fate.”

Though Griffin would go on to outscore Grossman 13-0 against the Carolina Panthers, Watson says he refuses to give up on his gut.

“Those hippies starting [Green Bay quarterback Aaron] Rodgers every game can suck it,” he told Paddington Monday. “I’m proud to be part of the trend-bucking 0.1%.”