Hey man, is that your guitar? Can I see it? by That Guy

Whoa, man. Sweet Strat. Is that yours? She’s beautiful, man. What’s her name? Ah, dude, you gotta name your guitar, dude. My guitar’s name is Kurt Cobain. I just feel like ‘90’s grunge speaks to me like no other genre, man. The soul of Kurt is in that guitar, man.

Can I see it? I’ve been playing guitar for like two years. I’m pretty good. You in a band, man? No? You just like to jam out, I gotcha. Cool, cool. Yeah. So can I see it? Nah I know it’s a party, man. I just wanna jam on it for a song. Yeah? You sure? Thanks, bro. I just learned the bridge on Purple Haze. You know, Hendrix? Yeah man! Hendrix is the shit. It’s too bad he went country.

But yeah the bridge of Purp’ Haze. Here it is. Wait, no, this is it. Yeah. Hey, where you going? Cool if I chill in here with Rhonda? I named her Rhonda for you. That was Jimi Hendrix’s wife, I think.

Hey, ladies! Wanna hear a song? I’ll play one anyway. You girls listen to the Blowfish? No, come back!

Whatever, man. I got a chick right here, huh, Rhonda? Hey, who wants to hear Oasis?
Today was gonna be the day that they’re gonna throw it back to you. By now, you shoulda somehow realized what you gotta do. I don’t believe that…

Yo, man, sweet guitar you got here. She sounds great with that amp. 12 watts? Nice. Yeah. No yeah you can have your room back. Sure, man. No big. I’ll see you around the party. Ha ha. All right.

This party sucks.