MeLikeArt_byArtMajor (1)

By Art Major

I like art. Art is good. When the art is on the walls, I know that this place is going to be good. Anything can be art: music, movies, literature. But, for this specific article I am talking about the art that involves paint. All art is good but some is better than others. Your children’s drawings may be cute, but they don’t compare to the works of Rembrandt.

On the first Friday of the month I like to go to downtown and showcase my art to other people who like art and talk about how much we like art. We talk about the colors, shapes and the metaphysical subtonic meanings of what art means to us. The locals are very supportive of the local art scene which is really great, but they don’t like art the way I do. I should know, because I’m a major in art.

Some say majoring in art is a waste of time – there are no prospective jobs in the field of art – but it’s not about the job, it’s about what you like. I like art, I like being trapped in a canvas board for eight hours and I like charcoal on my hands. If you don’t like art then you’re a dummy, and I am not because I like art.