Kings of Leon | Mechanical Bull

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By Taylor Skudlarek

           Amidst the drama of a cancelled tour, and rumors of a potential band split, the members of Kings of Leon seemingly disappeared and let the public’s imagination run rampant. While fans wondered if their beloved family of rockers would return to the music scene, the boys of Kings of Leon mended their wounds and began writing their next album.

           Drama aside, Mechanical Bull was created and it is undeniably the best thing to come out of a family dispute. As their sixth studio album, Mechanical Bull treats its listeners to a more soulful, passionate side of the band. The album as a whole gives off the feeling of driving on an open road with the windows down, chasing the American dream. This especially rings true in songs like “Supersoaker.”

          Don’t take the change the wrong way; seeing a new side of the band doesn’t mean the Followill boys scrapped their songs with sexual undertones and opted for songs about finding true love.  “Rock City” gives you the down-home southern bad boy vibe that you’d expect from a rock band. That being said, “Beautiful War” is a great song that shows off the band’s heart.

           The rest of the album hitches a ride through untamed spirits with songs like “Temple,” “Don’t Matter,” and “Family Tree.” But with tracks like “Comeback Story” and “Wait for Me,” you’re reminded to slow down and enjoy the ride.

           All in all, Mechanical Bull delivers on every aspect you can imagine. Caleb Followill’s sultry southern rocker voice will turn even the most conservative listener into a groupie who’s ready to do anything for backstage passes. The beautifully rugged guitar and bass creates an anticipation that heaven will sound just as marvelous. Until the day we find out, sit back, live the American dream, and listen to this album on repeat.