LINCOLN CALLING 2013: Informational Guide

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Lincoln Calling 2013 is happening NOW until Saturday. The music festival features more than one hundred bands (local, regional, national) playing at nine different downtown Lincoln venues simultaneously throughout the five days.

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      • Entire schedule of Lincoln Calling
      • List of venues and locations
      • Pricing info
      • Lincoln Calling at UNL: Interview with UPC; descriptions of bands
      • Links to bands’ music
      • What bands to see
      • Other tips about Lincoln Calling from Seeds


Below are the pages directly from our Seeds Entertainment (inside of The Dailyer) print publication out now on UNL Campus and at The Bourbon and Duffy’s. Pick one up and use it as a guide to this beautifully complex local festival. For now, browse through and see what shows you want to make it to!


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  • BOUR = Bourbon Theatre
    14th & ‘O’
  • ZOO = Zoo Bar
    136 N. 14th St
  • DUFF = Duffy’s Tavern
    14th & ‘O’
  • UNL = ‘Green space’ north of UNL Union
    14th & ‘R’
  • YIA = Yia Yia’s
    14th & ‘O’
  • MIX = Mix Barcade
    14th & ‘O’
  • FAT = Fat Toad
    14th & ‘O’
  • SB = Single Barrel
    10th & ‘P’
  • Union Plaza at 21st & ‘P’ Streets
    One show, Sat, 6PM, Free, All Ages

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LINCOLN CALLING | OCT 15-19 [/title]

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        • Bang for Your Buck:
          Zoo bar offers quality and quantity. Thursday night features eight bands all for just five dollars.
        • Cozy environment:
          Enjoy Yia Yia’s delicious pizza and eclectic beer while listening to free music Thursday through Saturday.
        • Local favorites:
          Duffy’s is, as usual, hosting a lot of great local acts. Make it a point to get there on Saturday night specifically.
        • Outdoor experience:
          Enjoy the fall weather at UNL (see opposite page) and at the Union Plaza at 21st & P Street.
        • Something for everyone:
          Single Barrel will feature some country music and you can get your fix of DJs and the like at Fat Toad and Mix Barcade.
        • Free shows:
          All shows at Mix Barcade, Fat Toad, Yia Yia’s, UNL and the Union Plaza at 21st & P are free.
        • Bands to See:
          Regional: Henhouse Prowlers, Desert Noises, The Kickback, DEERPEOPLE, Hot Buttered Rum, Dead Winter Carpenters
          Local: The Big Deep, Powers, Masses, Josh Hoyer and the Shadowboxers, Eli Mardock, Thirst Things First, AZP
        • 21+ shows: All shows at Zoo Bar, Yia Yia’s, Fat Toad and Mix Barcade are 21+ shows. Select shows at The Bourbon and Duffy’s are 21+ but most are not.


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View photos and descriptions on past shows via the following links. Thanks Lincoln!

Lincoln Calling Day 1: The Bourbon Theatre

Lincoln Calling Day 2: BOY:

Lincoln Calling Day 2: Duffy’s Tavern:

Lincoln Calling Day 2: Henhouse Prowlers:

Lincoln Calling Day 2: ZOO BAR:

Lincoln Calling Day 3: UPC-hosted shows:


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LINCOLN CALLING at UNL [Page 10 from print:][/title]

Seeds page 10

[title size=”1 to 6″ style=”options: default, sidebar”]Announcement: All shows that were to be at UNL will now be at Duffy’s Tavern due to weather. Announced 10/16 P.M.[/title]

[title size=”3″ style=”options: default, sidebar”]University Program Council Vice President Riley Vanek talks to Seeds about Lincoln Calling shows on UNL grounds for the first time in the decade-long history of the festival.[/title]

This year is the first year that UNL will be apart of the decade-old Lincoln Calling thanks to the efforts of the University Program Council (UPC) reaching out to Lincoln Calling coordinator Jeremy Buckley.

Vanek said that UPC started doing some work on putting together a “Local Indie  Showcase” last year but ran into some organizational dilemmas.  “It was a lot to manage—a lot of different artist contacts and the coordinating with a venue,” said Vanek. “So that’s kind of what led into getting ahold of Jeremy. He already is contacting these people; he’s organizing with them.”

The combination of the lengthy booking of bands done by Buckley for Lincoln Calling and the usefulness of UNL as a facility is what made it possible for UPC to bring Lincoln Calling to UNL.

While Lincoln Calling is a music festival held at various downtown venues simultaneously from Tuesday through Saturday, the shows at UNL will be Thursday and Friday from 4-8 p.m. Both days’ concerts are free and open to the public.

“The idea is to catch those students that see the poster and want to come as well as anyone that is in the area,” said Vanek. “Part of the timing, too, was to give people a chance to kind of have that walk through… it’s going to be when a lot of students are heading off campus, back home.”

Members from the council more or less chose what bands (both from the entire Lincoln Calling bill and in general) they knew and liked or that students would be interested in seeing perform. From there, the council sent the list to Buckley.

Vanek said that some of the regional bands that are coming to Lincoln Calling such as UNL headliners Desert Noises and DEERPEOPLE would give “the students that are more hooked into the local music scene [the chance to] also see a more regional artist on campus, too.”

Vanek said UPC would definitely like to host Lincoln Calling shows at UNL again in the future. “I know that’s always been one of our goals— to bring more of the local music onto campus and expose students to that,” Vanek said. “I see this as a really great way to facilitate that: We can build off of Lincoln Calling which is already this great local event and have the University be a part of that local music scene.”

[title size=”1 to 6″ style=”options: default, sidebar”]Lincoln Calling hosted by UPC – Now moved to Duffy’s Tavern[/title]

[title size=”1″ style=”options: default, sidebar”]Oct 17 & 18 | FREE [/title]

[title size=”3″ style=”options: default, sidebar”]Thursday[/title]
4PM | Orion Walsh and the Rambling Hearts
This local singer/songwriter plays sweet and calming American folk.

5PM | Freakabout!
Upbeat, powerful rock with strong female vocals!music/c10tw

6PM | The Kickback
Soft but strong, fluid, fresh rock

7PM | Desert Noises
This indie rock group from Utah combines retro hippie soul and natural human emotion with classic Americana as well as modern and youthful indie sounds.

Read a full review of these four acts here:

[title size=”3″ style=”options: default, sidebar”]Friday[/title]
4PM | A Ferocious Jungle Cat
Previously entitled More Machine Now than Man, this local group is known to make the audience get down and groove to their infectious funk and soul sound.

5PM | Cowboy Indian Bear
Slower, sweeping indie music from Lawrence, Kan.

6PM | Twinsmith
From Omaha, this band is likely classified as indie rock but has been compared to the sounds of Weezer, The Strokes and The Walkman.

From Stillwater, Okla., DEERPEOPLE describes itself as psychedelic/melodramatic popular song/folk. In other words, this band will trance the audience while remaining accessible and enjoyable.


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Print issues are available throughout UNL Campus as well as The Bourbon Theatre, Duffy’s Tavern and The Ross Theatre.

More Lincoln Calling information: