Man does not tip surgeon


In these tough economic times, everyone is trying to get by with what they can. Some say it’s important to be generous to service workers when they do a good job, because they’re trying to make ends meet just like everyone else.

Many were disappointed to hear that at St. Elizabeth hospital, local man Dave Patterson did not tip his surgeon after performing an operation to remove a kidney.

While Dr. Leo Laurie, who performed the operation, did not make too much fuss about the incident, news about Patterson’s frugality quickly spread around the hospital and was met with harsh criticism.

While the surgeon was annoyed by the complete lack of generosity, it was just another day at the office for him.

“It has happened before, patients will find any reason whatsoever not to tip,” Laurie said. “‘Why should I tip a medical professional,’ ‘don’t you make enough money,’ ‘Who are you, why are you operating on me,’ stuff like that.”

While some think it’s crazy to tip a surgeon, most of the hospital staff is supporting Laurie and blasting Patterson for his cheap attitude.

“Dr. Laurie saved this man’s life and he is too cheap to tip the recommended 20 percent,” said registered nurse Sarah Cast. “The man insists his stitching be up to standard but stiffs him at the end. Wow”.

”While tipping is not required in every situation, it is always good to show gratitude to anyone who provides quality service,” said hospital director Kevin Kelley. “The average salary for surgeons is about $300,000, so it’s important to tip at least 10 percent so they can live comfortably.”

While Patterson has had some tough comments directed at him, he wants everyone to know that this all was a total misunderstanding.

“I am not a cheap person, I sent flowers and a bottle of pinot to Dr. Laurie after the procedure and it must have arrived late,” Patterson said. “I splurged for the expensive bottle because I save so much money not tipping my waiters.”