Nerf unveils new automatic assault rifle

Nerf is trying everything to appeal to today’s kids. It has released toy guns with battery-powered functionality, toy guns that shoot foam balls and, now, toy guns that shoot 7.62-millimeter high-powered bullets.

While kids have been itching at the bit to try Nerf’s new product, parents are skeptical of its safety.

“Well, I just don’t know if I want my little Timothy to be running around the house shooting live ammunition,” little Timmy’s mom, Sheryl Jones, said. “What if he shoots through my China cabinet and ruins my dishes?”

Nerf has defended its decision in releasing its fully automatic assault toy by claiming kids just want to have fun. And what better way to have fun than to load a banana clip with steaming hot lead, slap it into a machine-o-fun and spray at any and all things anywhere, anytime.

“Yeah, so basically, the goal is to get these kids out in the sun and enjoying themselves, so Mrs. Jones won’t have to worry about her dishes,” Hasbro CEO Brian D. Goldner said with a scoffing laugh. “And our older models of foam munitions would always get blown away by a slight breeze. Pretty hard to enjoy shooting your friends outside when that happens, right? To fix that, we thought it only made sense to do what the pros do and replace our outdated models with that of the Russian Kalashnikov.”

Early focus groups have reported that while children are absolutely in love with their new toys of destruction, they have noticed they don’t necessarily enjoy bleeding out in their front yards. While the jury is still out on whether Nerf’s new fun way to die will make it onto store shelves, one thing is for certain: It’s Nerf or Nothing!