Serial Killers Today Have No Passion By Ted Bundy

It is so aggravating to watch serial killers today. As a–I hate to be arrogant–masterful serial killer, I do understand the challenges that face these guys. It’s hard to get girls (or whatever your preference is) to be alone with you long enough to kill them and leave your signature on the crime scene, sure. But today, these serial killers aren’t even putting in the work. Instead, they just use technology as a scapegoat for their own ineptitude and lack of work ethic.

Have you heard of this “Facebook killer?” What a lazy piece of crap. All the guy does is sit up in his room and look at girl’s pictures and then track them based on where they say they are on Facebook. It’s too easy and really it’s bad for the business of serial killing. It takes no effort to just sit on a computer screen and stalk girls from there. It’s embarrassing to us true serial killers that you can flip on the TV and all you see is news on some killer who is just passionless. What made us “old school” killers so great was the amount of work we put into each victim.

I had to stalk them, talk to them (in person!) and plan out my attack, all without the help of technology. It created a precision and, more importantly, a passion for the work that is missing today. Anybody can stalk and talk to a girl these days without even trying, or ever actually seeing them in person. All they have to do is turn on a computer. It’s ridiculous. These guys aren’t even taking the time to learn the fundamentals.

They don’t even know the basics of how to set up a trademark! All they do is kill the person, not even leaving a signature, something to show the cop you’ve done it again. Don’t they know that serial killing is more than just killing? It’s a freaking art form! It’s about seeing the beauty in what you’ve just done; it’s about noticing the details and it’s about creating something that hasn’t been done before. It’s just so hard to watch an industry that I helped build up get destroyed by these imbeciles. In my day, if you didn’t have a signature, you weren’t really a serial killer. Now all you have to do is kill more than one person. It’s just a crying shame.

Also, there is no originality. You know, I was one of those guys who believed you have to learn from the masters who went before you and add your own ideas and theories to the mix, creating your own original persona.That’s what I did, and people loved it. I was influenced by Gacy and I influenced Dahmer. It was all a perfect system until this stupid computer and Internet were created. These little brats that are around today think they don’t need any influences and they can just go up and kill the victim quickly and leave. It’s plain nonsense.

Basically, today all we have are a bunch of Zodiac killers. All they do is shoot people. Serial Killing is about more than just the death of a victim! How many times do I have to repeat myself before it registers? Serial killing is an art form and I am here to tell you it is being destroyed by technology. Until that day ends, you are going to have a bunch of amateurs. Society deserves better than that. It deserves much better.