Shane Osborn invigorates Senate campaign by recreating plane crash

Ben Sasse’s recent surge in the polls with less than two months until the Senatorial Republican primaries would frighten most politicians, but luckily Shane Osborn is not most politicians. After losing his 20-point lead over the past several months and watching SuperPac FreedomWorks revoke their endorsement, Osborn plans to revitalize his campaign by reminding his loyalists why they originally backed him: his plane crashing skills.

In a recent press release the Osborn campaign manager cited the lack of plane crashes in recent months as an explanation for Osborn’s falling numbers.

“Nebraska loves Mr. Osborn because he does plane stuff. But unfortunately Shane hasn’t crashed a single plane since he became a treasurer. We hope to change that. From here on out, Shane won’t go a single day without crashing a plane.  This is our pledge.”

Reaction to Osborn’s new ad where he flies a plane into a 3-rinng binder labeled “Obamacare” has been mixed with critics saying he “went too far,” or that he “should have used more planes.”