Slightly Above Average Student Excited to Work for Hudl Eventually

Martin Darnven is someone who answers in class.

The junior advertising student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has a good grasp on the fundamentals of his studies. He knows how to manage social media, how to use a DSLR camera and how to network with others in his field.

And soon, he said, he’ll work at Hudl.

“I don’t know anyone at Hudl, or what they do really,” Darnven said. “But it’s almost a certainty that I end up working there within two years of graduation.”

The 21-year-old has been pulling Bs in many of his courses: the telltale sign, Darnven said, of a future Hudl employee.

“I bet I help with their web presence,” he said. “Or I could be someone who helps brainstorm creative projects. Or maybe I’ll be an expert on inner-office synergy.”

Current Hudl employees said they were excited to inevitably have Darnven on board.

“We’re always recruiting wunderkind for the beehive,” said Hudl Creative Czar Ty Hardin. “We want that young perspective, the one who can help us tap into the Twittersphere, the alt-tier web and beyond.”

“He’ll know hybrid tech-analogue key phrases and tones we’ve yet to hear,” the czar added.

When told what Hudl does, helping create ways for collegiate teams to recruit and teach players, Darnven said that sounded correct.

“Yep, I’ll definitely end up there,” he said. “I think I’m exactly what they’re looking for.”