SPILINEK: Santa should have a checks and balances system

Collin Spilinek | The DailyER
Collin Spilinek | The DailyER

We live in a privileged world. Since the ratification of the United States Constitution, we’ve had a series of checks and balances for our government. With the clear line between the executive, legislative and judicial branches, this country has been able to divide powers across these branches, creating a fair and even democracy.

So why shouldn’t this be applied to Santa Claus?

For centuries, Mr. Kringle has misused his powers across the world. With the ability to watch any child in the world, Santa has a lot on his plate. He has a number of elves working at his disposal and the love and attention from every single child.

But he simply has too much power.

This one man decides whether a child is naughty or nice. He alone has the power to see what they’re doing. He has the power to decide whether Christmas is cancelled or to add a new reindeer, usually for a 30-minute holiday special.

With all of this in mind, Santa Claus needs a system of checks and balances, similar to those of the United States, in order to run his operations.

With every child, a judge and jury should determine the naughtiness of said child. With pages and documents of evidence, they will make this decision. Once they have come to a conclusion, the elves will then prepare either presents or a lump of coal as a result.

With this put into place, the child’s fate will be determined by a collection of elves, instead of a single power-hungry man.

A legislature of elves should also be put into place, in order to draft laws and actions for the North Pole to take. If Santa should decide to cancel Christmas or make any other changes, the elves should have the power to override his decisions.

Christmas is the happiest time of year. Instead of living in fear of the big man, children should rest assured knowing that their fate is in the people’s hands–not Ol’ Saint Nick’s.