STAFF: Saying goodbye to the memories we won’t forget to remember

After a long and eventful year, we took a moment to sit down with some of The DailyER staff to see what it was about working for the paper that they enjoyed the most. What did you love? What did you learn? Take a look at what they had to say:


“The DailyER is more than a satirical newspaper, it also works great for cleaning up messes around the house.”

Chris Bowling, Design


“I think the DailyER taught me how to make funny shareable content, but then again getting beaten with a pillowcase full of soap will do that.”

Raymond Kydney, Staff Writer


“I borrowed a pen from another staff member, and honestly, I didn’t forget to give it back; I just didn’t. So yeah, I got a free pen.”

Matt Knapp, Web Editor

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“I developed friendships that will last literally minutes after graduation.”

Colin Loberg, Editor-in-Chief

“I developed a huge crush on 85% of the DailyER staff, and it destroyed my professional reputation.”

Michael Stevens, Contributor


“People laugh at me when I express my opinions.”

Daniel Hauschild, Staff Writer


“My parents think I’m published in the actual student newspaper.”

Andrea Moore, Contributor