Student Reads the DN

Stephanie Lindon didn’t expect to pick up a copy of the Daily Nebraskan from an overflowing stack Monday morning.

“I was walking by the newspaper racks in Andersen Hall to pick up a copy of the Lincoln Journal Star and other local papers for hard-hitting news,” the sophomore physics major said. “But they were all out of those. So then, I saw a rack that had a whole lot of papers with some neat photo covers.

Like a moth drawn to a flame, Lindon approached the paper and snagged the latest issue.

“Once I saw an edgy article about how the university is pushing policies that’ll make the campus more progressive, I couldn’t help but grab a copy.”

After taking this new form of literature that neither she nor her friends read, she said that she didn’t know why the hell she had never read the DN before.

“Oh my, this is excellent,” Lindon said as she sat in a booth at the Nebraska Union while reading the DN.

“This stuff is pretty good,” Lindon said. “Like, it has lots of vibrant artwork and hard-hitting columns. Plus, I see a lot of similarities to Buzzfeed; this is a good thing.”

The lone student was last seen pulling an issue from a tower of DN papers in Neihardt Hall, looking for an old issue with opinion pieces. Lindon expected that they would “be full of well-informed pieces on important issues whose authors know exactly how much they know about their topics.”