Joining the resistance: Joan Rivers’ family just held a second funeral, and this one’s theme was ‘Never Trump’

Joan Rivers, beloved American comedienne known for her caustic wit and pointed humor, died on September 4th, 2014, at the age of 81. Her passing sent shockwaves through the Hollywood community, and the lack of Rivers’ presence has been felt for the past three years. Rivers, during her lifetime, kept fans guessing about her political […] Read more

Hostility to conservatives revealed: UNL’s bookstore doesn’t sell any Larry the Cable Guy albums

Controversy has been swirling in recent weeks about the political climate on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s campus. Many students and faculty members have insisted that claims of hostility toward conservative viewpoints have been baseless and unsubstantiated, but now, UNL’s critics have found their smoking gun. As part of their ongoing investigation, the Nebraska Governor’s office sent […] Read more

Nebraska senators jealous of English professors’ ability to read

Criticisms continued to haunt the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s English department, as three rural senators wrote an opinion piece in the Hastings Tribune Monday, reprimanding the department’s “leftist” political intentions. In their shared piece, the senators expressed concern about the safety of conservative students and wondered “does anyone teach English anymore at UNL?” However, the real reason […] Read more

DN editor wishes sportswriter would stop tweeting about his favorite restaurants and “stick to sports”

The phrase “stick to sports” has become a popular saying over the last two years, used by individuals who are annoyed by athletes or sports journalists who speak out on political issues. With so many outspoken sports personalities like Jemele Hill and LeBron James in a highly volatile political climate, “stick to sports” has become […] Read more

Trump’s reversal of Obama-era birth control mandate meets resistance from Russian nesting doll lobby

The Trump administration recently rolled back Obama-era federal regulations that required employers to cover birth control in their health insurance plans, sources reported. The move, which President Trump called a win for religious freedom, met significant resistance from the highly influential Russian nesting doll lobby. Working for a Better Future from the Inside and Inside […] Read more

Mechanic finds it inappropriate to discuss repairs so soon after car crash, offers prayers

Calling it abominable to politicize your car’s suffering, your local mechanic told you it was inappropriate to discuss repairs so soon after your car crash. “It hasn’t even been 24 hours since the crash, and you want to talk repairs?” questioned your mechanic. “What your car needs right now are our thoughts and prayers. Maybe […] Read more

Waluigi: Donald Trump’s Muslim ban is immoral and unconstitutional

Wah! On Saturday night, federal judges ruled that portions of President Trump’s immigration ban, which barred refugees from several Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S., were unconstitutional. Those who had been detained due to the executive order must now be freed. Wah-hah! This is a good start. Donald Trump’s ban shows a flagrant and troubling […] Read more

Jeff Sessions cites DVD copy of Frozen as reason why global warming is a myth

Alabama senator and future Attorney General Jeff Sessions was not the most welcomed choice for the job by pundits and citizens alike. As a lifelong politician, Sessions has created a political platform based on anti-immigration and anti-LGBT stances, like banning books from schools that reflect Islamic values. Sessions is also a fierce denier of climate […] Read more