Freshman’s lighter-than-air MacBook still floating above campus

An ongoing two-week effort to retrieve University of Nebraska-Lincoln freshman Collin Yoder’s MacBook has proven unsuccessful so far. The 19-year-old grabbed Apple’s latest model out of his backpack to show a group of friends, who subsequently clamored and reached to no avail as it’s lighter-than-air design allowed it to ascend into the atmosphere. “I’m a […] Read more

Student who promised to move to Canada if Trump was elected enrolled for spring semester

Sophomore Jennifer Daniels has made some lofty propositions in her lifetime. Daniels, like many other people, was against Donald Trump and his campaign for the White House. As a vocal opponent against Trump, Daniels was confident that society would reject his hateful rhetoric and would lose embarrassingly. She was so confident that Trump would not […] Read more

Project partner leaves passive-aggressive comments in Google Docs edit history

Some students express their frustration with group projects outright, while others are more covert about displaying their displeasure. Sources involved with a group project in section 002 of economics professor Jamie Wilson’s ECON 200 class reported that group member Riley McMann, a junior political science major, has been expressing his frustration with other members of […] Read more