Tea Time With Libertarian Louie

Patriots, friends and Americans, we are at a crossroads in this country.

America is changing, and not for the better. Since Obama has taken control, he has presided over a government takeover of not one but two major aspects of American life, health care and finance. And after what happened to Dr. Laura a couple of weeks ago, it looks like the next victim is going to be our First Amendment rights. What are they going to do next? Tell me I can’t eat trans fats and have to wear my seatbelt? Oh wait, they’re trying to! When is it going to stop? Never. As Mark Twain once said, “Facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable.”

Where does the problem start? Well obviously with Obama, but after that, it’s Congress! They have stopped listening to us common folks. I mean two summers ago I went to 18 different town hall meetings and not one of them took my advice to let insurance companies continue to run health care. Did they listen? No! Well I didn’t actually read the bill, but everyone tells me they didn’t. And this past summer they didn’t even have town hall meetings. COWARDS!

As I was writhing around in pain just thinking about what powers the government wants to take away from us next, I thought about what our Founding Fathers would think. Would Thomas Jefferson or George Washington agree with this regulation? Of course not. Would Benjamin Franklin? I don’t think so! What have we turned in to? A country run by Alexander Hamilton?! I wish it wasn’t true.

I know what you’re asking yourself: How do I keep my liberties? At first I didn’t have an answer myself, then just last week while I was doing my daily reading of the Constitution, I came across the 17th Amendment. As you all know, it’s the amendment that allows the popular vote to elect members of Congress as opposed to the state legislatures.

It hit me right as I read it, a clear message from God himself. The 17th Amendment is what ruined this country. We took the power away from the states. Everyone knows you never take the power away from the states. I think it’s about time we took our country back and repealed this appalling amendment. How are we the people supposed to keep these tyrants in check if we don’t let state politicians pick them? We won’t be able to. Remember, we must allow state and local governments to have all the power–this is the way to freedom and liberty!

Just think about it, if we give the right to vote back to the states, it will allow for no corruption and the ability to get rid of campaign finance reform. Think of that, we not only get to bring a lot of power to the states and weaken the power-hungry federal government, we also will be able to save a little bit of money — that should go straight to the deficit! — in the process.

This may be the biggest thing to happen to America since Glenn Beck’s creation of the 9.12 Project. If you love this country, want freedom and liberty, or believe that the Founding Fathers were right, then you need to join the repeal the 17th Amendment movement today. Just visit your local American Thinker or Tea Party Patriot organization and find out how you can help save this country today. Together we can make America great again!