Voice crack during first day roll call guarantees class’ low opinion of student


One nervous freshman’s chances of a good class reputation were dashed last Monday morning, as he failed to make an impression during roll call due to an unfortunate voice crack.

Sources say that Thomas Tran was fully prepared for his English class, wearing his brand new band t-shirt and pants. His new Converse shoes also gave the impression that he was a calm, cool, collected individual just trying to get through his schooling.

Tran then reportedly walked through the doorway without tripping or making awkward eye contact with his classmates. He casually took his seat, thinking to himself that nothing could possibly go wrong.

After a brief introduction, however, the professor began to take roll call, going through the students’ names.

“I think I was fine by that point,” Tran said. “I was mentally preparing in my head whether I was going to say ‘here’ or ‘yup’ or just simply raise my head and nod.”

Tran made the decision to say “here” by the time the professor got to his name. What happened next chilled him to the bone.

As the words left his mouth, witnesses said Tran’s voice cracked, before he cleared his throat and repeated the word quietly.

“I was crushed,” Tran said. “Everyone’s voice before mine was fine, and then, I just don’t know. I think my throat was dry or something. Man, I was stupid.”

After a short awkward silence, the professor went on with roll call, but the effects of the incident still lingered.

“You know, that’s probably why nobody wanted to partner up with me during the group work later in the class,” Tran said, wiping beads of sweat from his forehead. “I still can’t believe I did that. Should I start carrying a water bottle?”

Sources said that none of the students in the class remembered the episode, including the professor.

“They’re just saying that to be nice,” Tran said after being told of their comments. “Trust me, they don’t forget. They never do.”