You shouldn’t have gone there and done that thing, Nicolas

Anonymous sources confirmed today that you really should not have gone there and done that thing, Nicolas.

“We’re not kidding when we say that you seriously shouldn’t have gone there of all places, Nicolas,” the unknown sources said. “Then, when you did what you did…God help you.”

The unnamed informants continued to state that, Nicolas, you had choices, many choices for that matter, that did not involve traveling there and “doing that thing.” Yet, you abandoned all common sense or instincts towards preservation and did that momentous action in such a place as that.

“Come on, Nick, you’re smarter than this,” said the sources with solemnity towards the young man’s foolish actions that will inevitably lead to devastating consequences. “All you had to do was just not be there and do that. You could have done that someplace else; you could have went there and done something else.”

“Or, you could have just stayed in bed and done nothing. But, you didn’t even do that. You did the unthinkable at the unthinkable. So, now what?”

The mysterious sources concluded by saying that, at this point, Nicolas cannot stop the snowball of events that will crash painfully into his life. So, the sources advised that all Nicolas can do now is accept his fate.

“You might want to pray or think of the reasons of why you should go on with life as well,” suggested the sources. “After what you just did there, this is going to hurt.”