Husker Nation Pats Self On Back Following Astonishing Accomplishment By Football Team

Prior to the visit from the Ohio State Buckeyes for this weekend’s football game, apprehension over how the Nebraska Cornhuskers team would perform against their new Big Ten rivals swept Lincoln. Following what is considered by a large majority of the “Husker Nation” as a dismal performance against the Wisconsin Badgers the week before, confidence in the Cornhuskers was at an all time low.

In this weekend’s game, which resulted in a breathtaking come from behind victory by the Cornhuskers, sometimes referred to by young or adolescent fans simply as the “’skers,” the fans were ready to give up on their team after a first half that seemed eerily similar to the disheartening game in Wisconsin the week prior.

“I couldn’t think of anything more embarrassing than another loss to a Big Ten team after the Badgers kicked our keisters up and down Camp Randall.” said life-long Cornhusker season ticket holder Jay Forrer “But I’m so glad I was there for the Huskers when they turned it around. I always knew they could do it.”

Forrer, a devote Nebraska fan, has never missed a game since his father took him to Memorial stadium on his fifth birthday.

“My daddy taught me to always believe in my Huskers. It was like UW never happened. I mean, yeah, during the second quarter there I wanted nothing to do with Taylor [Martinez], but deep down I knew he’d rally and pull through. And that Burkhead. And Maher. David too. I have nothing but the utmost respect for those guys. They’re my team.”

When asked to respond to claims that he left his seat during the third quarter so he wouldn’t have to “watch the Huskers take another steaming dump on his field” Forrer was apt to reply

“I would never say something like that about my boys… I mean, yeah, I said it. But c’mon. Everyone knows I’m a kidder. I’m a loyal fan and I’ll be out there celebrating every last victory with the rest of the Husker Nation.”