Local Boyfriend “Gets” Painting

It was as normal a weekend as ever. Lincoln native and UNL sophomore Katy Howard had taken along her current boyfriend of two months, Roger Browning, to yet another art museum. On this particular date, Roger drove the two to Omaha to view the Joslyn Art Museum.

Photo Illustration by Dylan Bliss

After an hour of fighting sleep and the typical bullshitting about the art speaking to him, Roger noticed something different about a painting.

“It was incredible. Like, I could feel the art,” Browning told the DailyER.

The painting Browning was so captivated by was the famous “Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh. The replica is hanging in the Joslyn as a part of the classics installation. It, among other classic paintings, will remain there until the end of February.

Browning was reportedly entirely taken over by the art; he finally got it.

“The blues bled into the yellows, and the greens that ran from it spoke to my soul, man,” Browning said, lighting a cigarette.

“I don’t even smoke!” he added. “It’s totally about global warming.”

Browning’s eyes were still wide open, mouth agape, and one hand was sticking up a good portion of his hair hours after the couple had returned to Lincoln. The van Gogh replica really made an impact, apparently.