Make-A-Wish Recipient Regrets Wish

Make-A-Wish Recipient Regrets Wish
Story by Matt Sueper
| Published Apr 19, 2011


Last Tuesday, “Little” Timmy Roberts, age eight, was finally able to fulfill his lifelong dream of meeting his sports hero, third-baseman for the New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez, through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. A resident of Lincoln, Timmy has been a fan of the Yankees for his entire life, and A-Rod has been his favorite player for as long as he can remember.

Timmy Roberts has had terminal cancer since November of 2009. His doctor said has about two more months to live. Little Timmy told the Make-A-Wish Foundation that his one wish would be to meet and hang out with his favorite baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, for one day.

“I love watching A-Rod hit home runs!” recounts Timmy of his long -ime sports hero.

Things took an ugly turn last Tuesday for Little Timmy. The Make-A-Wish recipient reports that the future hall-of-famer seemed very cold upon meeting him, and that he looked like he would rather be elsewhere.

“A-Rod’s kind of an asshole,” the eight-year-old reported. “He just a really mean guy. I mean, come on, man, I freaking have cancer. At least pretend to be happy to see me.”

When asked what he did with A-Rod, Timmy just said, “Well he gave me some shit that he signed and he made me field his batting practice. I think he aimed at me. I have bruises.”

Timmy says that he wants to refund his wish, but this is against Make-A-Wish policy.

“Yeah, we really can’t do that,” Pat Simon, director of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, said. “It’s just not fair to all of the other kids waiting to get their wishes granted.”

Pat Simon told us he sympathizes with Little Timmy, and that “I could have told him A-Rod is an asshole. That’s not just because I grew up in Boston.”

When asked if he had anything more to say about the Make-A-Wish fiasco, Little Timmy Roberts said, “Yeah, A-Rod sucks. I hope he gets terminal cancer, too.”