Obama Awarded Presidency After Republicans Fail To Nominate Actual Candidate

Photo illustration by Mitch McCann

Following a slow presentation from the Republican party during the beginning of election season, it was reported that due to an error in the GOP’s nomination process, current president Barack Obama would in fact be automatically re-elected to the position of President of the United States of America.

“The error occurred when, of the rumored 15 or 20 Republican candidates, none officially declared they were running for president.” said political analyst and snake-enthusiast James Carville, “there were a lot of tentative ‘I-am-not-running-for-president-but-if-I-WERE-running-for-president-hypothetically-what-would-you-think?’ committees put in place by candidates like [Mitt] Romney and [Newt] Gingrich, but no one ever actually did anything.”

Democratic political advisor Jesse Washman took a closer look at what hurt the Republican Candidates: “Well, Donald Trump said he still would have run, but he was busy taping new episodes of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ when the polling closed. Former Governor Sarah Palin was subject to a simple clerical error when she submitted to run under the name ‘Reepublickin Party’ and was dropped from the process. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Former Speaker Gingrich failed to register when they could not make it all the way up the flight of stairs to the submission office. Fellow candidates Michelle Bachmann and Jon Bolton scared the bejesus out of the RNC chairman when they showed up with actual paperwork to run for president, both were immediately turned away.”

“The nation’s Republicans have been so frustrated with the lack of a popular Republican personality to put their support behind.” continued Carville

“With such a large number of candidates that simply cannot be taken seriously, many voters have even left the political party and accepted that the former/future President Obama’s glaring concessions to conservatives are going to have to be enough for the next four years.”