Parents Not All That Crazy About Newly Born Grandson

New grandparents David and Doris Trimmel were on the scene at Bryan LGH when their daughter Trisha had a son of her very own this past Sunday. The entire Trimmel family came out to see the birth of the newest edition to their family, but not all members of the Trimmel family could agree that young Trisha, only 17 years old, was of the appropriate age to have a newborn son. The elder Trimmels have even expressed strong distaste for the family’s newest addition.

“Look. We’re all for letting our children be independent and live their own lives, but sometimes you just end up with a crummy hand as a parent and you end up with this.” said grandfather to the newborn, David Trimmel visibly nodding in the direction of his daughter “We’re all for the gift of an innocent life and all that, but seriously?”

The young mother has expressed nothing but joy for her new arrival, but has admitted to seeing many reservations from her family at large.

“I can’t help what happened, but we need to move on and spread the love to little Jayden-Reginald Trimmel. My new bundle of joy.”

Doris Trimmel told sources that while the family may be there to support their daughter and grandchild, they “aren’t exactly all sunshine and rainbows about it.” Referring to her daughter almost exclusively as “that one” and including several retorts that she is “not upset with the situation, just disappointed.”