Student calculates lowest exam grade needed to pass class, fails anyway

With finals week underway, students across campus are buckling down and focusing on their exams. The library is full to bursting with scholars trying to end the semester on a high note.

Many students, during breaks from studying, calculate the various final grades they can receive based on their final scores. One such student is Derek Murray, a sophomore accounting major.

“Yeah, I just want to make sure that I don’t stress too much,” Murray said. “I’ve pretty much got this accounting stuff down, so it’s just a matter of taking care of business on the final.”

According to his calculations, Murray needed a final exam grade of at least 23 percent to pass his ACCT 201 class. Murray described the mark as “a walk in the park,” and said that it might be difficult for “some other idiots in the class” but not himself.

As he headed into the lecture hall where the final was administered, The DailyER caught up with Murray.

“Oh man, I am so ready for this to be over,” he said, laughing slightly. “I even had a few drinks before this, just because I’m so confident.”

After 15 minutes had elapsed, Murray strode out of the lecture hall as if he were the conqueror of a foreign land.

He described his classmates as “suckers,” and laughed aloud when describing how most of them were still on the first page when he left.

“It’s all about strategy, man,” Murray said. “I just picked the easy ones, did a few extra on top of that, and made sure I had enough to get my 23 percent no matter what.”

However, after following up with Murray after the exam, The DailyER learned that Murray had failed the class after getting a 12 percent on the final. He could not be reached for comment, but was last seen walking into an advertising and public relations advising office.