Student hoping new set of highlighters will make all the difference this semester

The new year means a new semester, a fresh time to start over and make a good first impression. Freshman Daniel Boon knows that things could have gone better during his first semester of college, but he is taking every precaution possible in order for this semester to be the best one yet.

For a radical, morale-building move, Boon is hoping that an investment in a new set of highlighters will make all of the difference.

In an exclusive interview with The DailyER, Boon stated that not only will the highlighters help him focus but they can also organize his duties.

“Before, I would look at this page and just get lost,” Boon remembered. “But with this new set of highlighters all I do is just highlight some word and then I’m like ‘oh, do that.’”

The new set of highlighters comes in many colors, including red, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink and purple. Boon has previously said that he has thrown out the color brown, because he does not like the color and thinks it is icky.

When questioned if one person needs that many highlighters on an average school day, Boon scoffed at the idea.

“Each highlighter is a crucial part of my success this semester and losing one would throw off the balance,” Boon said. “See, the red is for the major important stuff that needs to get done, the blue is my work schedule, the green is for my environmental club, cause you know . . .”

The process is too complicated to put into print.

While some people settle with traditional pencils and pens as tools against the battle of schoolwork, Boon has found a new arsenal of weapons that he believes will lead to his best year yet.

“These highlighters have unlocked a drive in me that I have not had in years,” Boon exclaimed. “It turns out all I ever needed were some bright-colored markers to find my true potential.”

Boon lost all of his highlighters during the first week of classes.