Surprisingly coherent Biden speech ruined by word “Booyah”

Vice President Joe Biden addressed the nation last week on how the United States will handle protests in Libya. Biden’s track record with public addresses has typically been fairly poor, either due to made-up words or outrageous claims. As Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said, “Biden typically makes an ass out of himself.”

Vice President Joe Biden

This time, however, whether by some divine intervention or magical enlightening, Biden made complete sense and preached a practical solution to the problems Gadhafi is posing to the Libyan rebels.

The American vice president addressed the tyrannical actions and supported the no fly zone over Libya to stunt the air attacks on rebel-held cities. Many were actually impressed with Biden’s speech. At the conclusion of his address, the media and government representatives gave a standing ovation the the vice president, which is the first on record for Biden.

It was then that Biden reached for the mic and shouted “booyah.” The standing ovation immediately ceased and people took their seats.

Biden left the podium clearly mouthing the words “hell yeah,” and was reported to have said, “I nailed that son of a bitch,” chuckling to himself while walking off camera.

CNN reporter Charles Foster commented on the speech, saying, “He never makes this much sense. He may have realized the streak of failed speeches coming to an end. He may have planned it in good old-fashioned Biden style. Frankly, I would’ve been more surprised if he hadn’t said something ridiculous.”

Only time will tell if elected officials look past the post-speech comment and act on the proposed sentiment. Either way, the country can certainly rely on Biden’s consistency.