Budget Cut: Ricketts to replace entire state of Nebraska with Bruce Springsteen’s 1982 album ‘Nebraska’

Governor Pete Ricketts was confident, composed and ready to strike when he walked into the State Capitol building with his beat-up Sony Walkman and giant Bose noise canceling headphones on Monday, Feb. 12. Unprompted, as he strode into the meeting to decide the bi-annual budget, the good governor said, “There’s no place like Nebraska, except […] Read more

Pete Ricketts: “Stand For The Flag Super Bowl Sunday” was just the beginning

Following a tumultuous football season for national anthem protests, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts has once again revived the controversy. This past Sunday, Ricketts made an official state proclamation to rename the day to “Stand For The Flag Super Bowl Sunday,” coinciding with the National Football League title game. Receiving lots of positive feedback, mostly from […] Read more